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A Message from the East Ohio Regional Director of the WCA

Rev. Dr. Chet Harris

One of the key words being used to compel members of the UMC to accept a church structural plan embracing the sexual orientations represented by LBGTQI plus agenda and ignoring the counsel of God’s Word is “unity.”

We will hear appeals made at annual conference to remain centered on Kingdom work, do not forsake the myriad ministries currently being done in the name of God, recognize that God is love, and a number of appeals aimed at an emotional response all capped with the mesmerizing mantra of remaining in true unity. Unity does not trump the counsel of the Bible. Frankly, if we need the Bible as the very center of our life with the purpose of informing the precepts and principles, our worldview, that transform our thinking and actions. Remove the centrality of Scripture and we open the door to the influence of a culture that will in a few years vaporize as another cultural influence becomes the popular issue of the day.

The shifting sands of societal norms based on a false sense and meaning of unity is extremely dangerous and opens the gates to all manner of unbiblical ideas and lifestyles. Paul offers us Holy Spirit inspired counsel as recorded in Romans 15: 5-6. “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Unity is the result of our hearts and actions being one with the will of our God and Father of Jesus our Christ. We accept Jesus as the literal son of God, a relationship with God as Father, and Jesus as our Savior. Emphasis is placed on following Christ Jesus with actions and heart passion/heart holiness. When such is in alignment unity is experienced by all following Jesus.

Unfortunately, what we are experiencing today is less about human sexuality and more about the decades result of drifting away from being biblically centered.

Traditionalist do not possess the same view of the Bible as progressives. You might hear the same words being used, but the definitions have been changed.

That is why the reference to ‘heart’ is so very important.

The WCA is a dedicated renewal ministry with a desire to keep UMC centered in the God and Christ of the Bible as expressed literally in the Nicene and Apostles Creeds.

I believe there is a grand unity in the fiber of the United Methodist Church. This ‘unity’ is not the unity espoused by the progressive leadership of our denomination. In every church are members who affirm the Biblical teaching, clergy who truly hold to the teachings of the Bible, and many churches that are traditional in their heart and practice.

This is true unity.

It is imperative the leadership of our denominations realizes the depth of our traditional heart and the voice that has been silent for too long.

It is not disrespectful to join the WCA. Our denomination needs to go forward with heart and actions honoring Father God and Jesus as our Savior. Our unity is a result of following Jesus.

All for the Kingdom of God the Father, Chet Harris

If you are ready to join the movement of God, Wesleyan Covenant Association or want more information follow the link,

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