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Confidence for the Future

The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) is so grateful for your partnership with us as a member. Membership in the WCA must be renewed annually and it is now time for you to renew in order to continue your membership.

Thanks to your investment as a member of the WCA, we have shared the message of the importance of contending for the historic Christian faith with hundreds of thousands of Methodists from around the world. Many individuals and churches have joined you as members of the WCA. We have formed regional chapters in almost all of the annual conferences of The United Methodist Church in the United States, and we are working closely with our partners in conferences outside the United States.

With the adjournment of the special 2019 General Conference, the work of the WCA has never been more important. While gratified by the reaffirmation of our historic teachings, much remains to be done to restore good order and missional effectiveness in the UM Church. We are confident God is at work in and through us to ensure a vibrant, vital Methodist witness to the Gospel whether from within the UM Church or through the launch of something new. Your membership in the WCA is a concrete statement of where you stand and provides important resources for the work that we are doing to ensure a faithful future.

Please click the button below to renew your membership today. We are grateful for your continued membership in the WCA.

In Christ,

Keith Boyette, President

Wesleyan Covenant Association

Renew Your Membership

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