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East Ohio Conference General Conference Delegate Results

We wish to thank everyone who helped with this election, including all those who lifted us up in prayer! The work for the elected Delegates is just now beginning. Please see below the final results. the persons with an Asterisk are EOEF/EOWCA endorsed


General Conference

1.Gary Henderson

2.Andy Call

3.Dan Bryant

4.Matt Lafferty

5.Armando Arellano

6.Benita Rollins

Jurisdictional Conference

7.Cara Stultz Costello

8.Abby Auman

9.Nestor Nazario

10.Karen Oehl

11.Jon Priebe

12.Susan Brown


13.Carrie Antczak

14.Heidi Welch

15.Jared Littleton

16.Laura Jaissle

17.Clint Quillen *


General Conference

1.Jerry Rinehart *

2.Ellen Burrows *

3.Martha Banks

4.Betty Wilson *

5.Bob Wagner *

6.Holly Grant *

Jurisdictional Conference

7.Connor Prusha

8.Sarah Dixon

9.Don Burdsall *

10.Thomas Lewis

11.Susan Achberger

12.Lucinda Starr *


13.Allen Lafferty

14.Kimberly Green

15.William Watts

16.Richard Corder *

17.Kathy Palmer *

*EOEF/WCA endorsed

Once again Thank You!

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