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For Such a Time as This: A Call to Fasting and Prayer at Pentecost

Updated: May 29, 2020

In what for many people is a season of turmoil, loneliness, and suffering the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s International Intercessory Prayer Network invites WCA members and friends to join in a time of fasting and prayer, Thursday, May 28, through Pentecost Sunday, May 31. To prepare for this time, the network encourages participants to reflect on the famous passage from the Book of Esther 4.14: “…if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance [for God’s people] will arise from another place….and who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

The Prayer Network invites participants to begin a time of fasting and prayer at 6 pm EDT, Thursday evening through Sunday, 6 pm EDT, when they are invited to join a Facebook Live gathering for a service of prayer and worship.

Participants wanting to join the three days of fasting should consider their own health conditions in choosing a fasting option. Some recommended forms of fasting: water only during the three days; a vegetable fast (also known as Daniel Fast); a juice fast; or a one meal a day fast (also known as a Benedict Fast).

People can join the Facebook Live gathering on Sunday, May 31, at 6 pm EDT through the WCA’s Facebook Page. The service will be led by the Rev. Leo Park and other members of the Prayer Network, and will include live worship music. The Rev. Dr. Carolyn Moore will bring a message and the Rev. Keith Boyette, the WCA’s president, will close the gathering with a benediction.

Join us as we prepare, wait expectantly, pray, worship, and seek a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit!


Please know that any text in blue are links to the information source or greater detail. Also, we ask that you share, comment and like any and all posts to continue to help spread the word. We find that most UMC members know little to nothing about the current and future of the UMC. Please decide now to be heard before it is too late! Join the Wesleyan Covenant Association NOW! EOWCA values your comments and support. Thank you!

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