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Helpful Video Interview From West Ohio Neighbors Bishop Palmer, Jeff Greenway & David Meredith

Bishop Palmer of West Ohio Annual Conference sat down to interview Jeff Greenway (Wesleyan Covenant Association) and David Meredith (Queer Clergy Caucus) about why they support the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace Trough Separation. This interview is very informative. It is the most helpful resource that I've found so far for explaining what is happening to local congregation members.

Jeff Greenway (Wesleyan Covenant Association) and David Meredith (Queer Clergy Caucus) and Bishop Palmer of West Ohio Annual Conference

Bishop Palmer is technically correct that no Annual Conference or local church will be REQUIRED to vote. However deciding not to vote would be in itself a vote. In my opinion, every pastor and local church leadership board will need to be prepared to make a significant decision.

Sadly this includes a lot of local churches who have not even been aware of the situation until recently. They are going to be caught off guard. I think many institutionalizes hope that local churches just go along with inertia and choose the default of their Annual Conference. Given the 57% requirement for an AC to become part of Traditionalist stream, the default will be the post-separation UMC.

Once the traditionalists leave, I expect the post-separation UMC to lurch leftward on many issues--not just sexuality. This has been the case in many other mainline denominations which have separated. I anticipate that it will quickly be far more progressive on many issues than most people in the pews will be comfortable with--at least in Indiana.

Blessings & Peace, Beth Ann Cook

"If you choose not to decide,

You still have made a choice"

--Neil Pearl, Rush


Please know that any text in blue are links to the information source or greater detail. Also, we ask that you share, comment and like any and all posts to continue to help spread the word. We find that most UMC members know little to nothing about the current and future of the UMC. Please decide now to be heard before it is too late! EOWCA values your comments and support. Thank you!

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