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Jesus Is King

I have been watching with great fascination all of the media reaction to Kanye West's new album and newly embraced Christian Faith. I was an atheist, so I have a special place in my heart for those who come from outside of the church to Christ. I listened to Kanye's new album the day it dropped. The tracks are powerful! I think Kanye's conversion is the real deal.

I've also watching his interviews. He is pulling no punches; Kanye preaches truth in away most preachers I know are afraid to. And the amazing thing is people are listening that would never be willing to hear the Word from people like me. Please join me in praying for Kanye, his wife Kim, and all those who are being exposed to the Gospel right now because of Kanye's conversion.

I also know from my own experience that baby Christians have dirty diapers. He won't be perfect and he will say things that are not theologically on target at times. But I'm blown away by the depth of his Bible knowledge at such a young age in the faith. The lyrics and interviews are filled with allusions to Scripture. It is clear he is digging deep. I for one am praying for him!

I'm sharing a wonderful article by former Planned Parenthood Director and pro-life advocate Abby Johnson on Kanye. I'm also sharing these links below. I urge you to watch or read. It really has great stuff--especially the James Cordon Karaoke part!

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People Googling About Christianity

The Movement Christians Are Missing

Blessings and peace, Rev Beth Ann Cook


Abby Johnson:

Why Christians Should Accept Kayne West (and Pray)

“Fashionably late, I’m just glad that you made it.” When I heard these lyrics on the new album from Kanye West, it made me laugh with joy. Yes. Fashionably late. I guess that’s what you could call it.

I didn’t download “Jesus Is King” with any trepidation. I have always loved West’s music. One of my all-time favorite songs is “Jesus Walks.” I knew I would like the music. I didn’t expect what I actually heard - the name “Jesus.” Over and over…Jesus. Quoting from the Bible. Openly talking about his need for repentance. I realized that I was listening to some of the most beautiful love songs I had ever heard.

Kanye had truly found the love of Christ and now he was proclaiming it in a very overt and powerful way. I wondered what it would look like if we all loved Jesus like that. What if we all proclaimed that Jesus is King in our daily interactions?

I love all of the songs, honestly. But he has a track called “Hands On” that made cry. These words took my breath away: “Said I’m fixing to do a gospel album. What have you been hearing from the Christians? They’ll be the first one to judge me. Make it feel like nobody love me.” Those words have been seemingly prophetic.

Ever since West’s new album dropped, I have seen mixed support. Many Christians are excited. But I have also seen many comments saying that they are going to “wait and see” what happens. What are you waiting on? Are you waiting for him to mess up? He will. Are you waiting for him to say something that you disagree with? That will assuredly happen. Are you waiting for him to drop a cuss word? I guarantee that will happen. Please explain to me what exactly you are waiting for? Are you waiting for that moment to come so that you can self-righteously look down your Christian nose at everyone and say “See, I told you so.”

Listen to Pastor Adam Tyson — the preacher who has been working with West — reveal details of the rapper's journey:

I remember the same comments being said about me when I left the abortion industry and became very publicly pro-life. “Well, we will just wait to see if we can trust her.” Have you waited long enough? Has ten years been long enough for you? Or maybe you wrote me off the first time I said something that you didn’t agree with.

No one is asking Kanye to lead a Bible study or be a spiritual leader, nor has he asked to do those things. He is simply sharing his witness and that’s what we are all called to do. He is simply doing it better than ninety percent of Christians I see online. I have seen story after story of people saying that they are going back to church after listening to West’s new album. Who can say that about you? How many people has your witness led to the Lord?

Christians, stop questioning and start praying. Kanye’s conversion and this new album is an amazing work of God. Stop “waiting and seeing.” Support this man who has laid it all on the line in an attempt to share the Gospel with our flailing culture. He has no reason to do this. He has no reason to be so publicly counter cultural. You think he won’t be attacked for this? Think again. Unfortunately, many of the attacks are coming from those who should be supporting him: Christians. We should all be praying for his strength as he stands up and fights for God.

My advice to Kanye is simple. Keep standing for truth. Don’t let people tell you that you need to ride out your conversion in private. God has equipped you for this moment. And when you say something that you shouldn’t, know that many of us will keep praying. We won’t write you off because of a misstep.

God has done something extraordinary in your life, continue to share it. When you feel the attacks coming, rest in the Lord for a time - then get back up and keep fighting. We need you. Our kids need this message. Our culture needs you. God’s got you.

“Even if I take this walk alone, I bow down to the King upon the throne. My life is His I’m no longer my own.” Remember those words and keep them close to your heart.

Abby Johnson is founder of And Then There Were None and ProLove Ministries. She's authored two books: "Unplanned" and "The Walls Are Still Talking." You may also want to read her article: The Moment She Fled Her Clinic

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