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Letter from East Ohio Regional Director of the WCA

March 26, 2019

By Dr Chet Harris

Dr Chet Harris

I keep having two fascinating lines of conversation with supporters of the One Church Plan. First, their disdain and disregard for the Traditional Plan. Second, a firm belief that only one third of the USA delegates voted in support of the Traditional Plan.

My response to the first reaction is simply to remind them the core of the Traditional Plan is currently part of our Discipline. WCA sought to strengthen the current Disciplinary paragraph regarding human sexuality in such a way as to assure adherence to our Methodist governance and ordination vows. Secondly, the belief only one third of the USA delegates voted for the Traditional Plan simply cannot be proven. It is an assumption. Time for assumptions have come to an end.

The opportunity has arrived for the traditionalist/evangelicals/conservatives to take a positive and proactive step to assure that at the next General Conference our delegation will truly represent the membership of the conference as well as the entire USA. The delegates we elect this year to General Conference will decide the future of the United Methodist Church. The East Ohio Evangelical Fellowship has prepared a list of highly qualified evangelical candidates for your consideration. I caution you not to vote for a person because they have more face time at our annual conference or hold a position of authority in our conference. We need a delegation that firmly believes in the authority and inspiration of the Bible. We need a delegation that respects and represents the vast number of conservative churches and laity throughout the world.

In addition, I want to encourage laity, ministers, and churches to join the Wesleyan Covenant Association. We need a voice of solidarity to make the denominational leadership aware of the conservative nature of the UMC. ( Take a few minutes and visit the web page. Membership procedure is outlined for you. Churches will need to make the decision to join through Administrative or Council vote. Our East Ohio Wesleyan Covenant Association Facebook page is an excellent way to keep posted on what is happening in our conference.

I have maintained two realities that have helped keep me centered during this crisis of clashing worldviews. First, my high view of Scriptures preempts any and all emotional reasoning. Second, the awareness the LGBTQI political machine will not relent until the Simple Plan is adopted. I give our denomination under the One Church Plan eight years after the next General Conference before the entire denomination is one accord with the LGBTQI agenda. They will not relent until the entire denomination is compliant to their worldview. When you listen to our Bishop’s ‘prophetic’ pronouncements one cannot deny the direction she will navigate the conference and denomination.

The issue before us presents a challenge that requires a response. Silence or denial will cripple the future of the Wesleyan movement. We have invested too many resources on this issue. It is time to step forward by voting for declared evangelicals as delegates to General Conference and join the WCA.

All for the Kingdom

Chet Harris

East Ohio Regional Director of the WCA

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