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Second Alternative Educational Pathway Approved

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

March 22, 2023

By Keith Boyette

The Global Methodist Church’s Transitional Leadership Council has approved United Theological Seminary’s (Dayton, Ohio) Certificate in Theology and Ministry (CTM) and its Advanced Certificate in Theology and Ministry (ACTM) as alternative pathways toward completing the educational requirements for ordained ministry. A candidate who completes the courses necessary to receive the CTM could be ordained a deacon under ¶ 407.3 of the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline. And one who completes the courses necessary to receive the ACTM could be ordained an elder per ¶ 407.4. Both programs are offered completely online, and neither a bachelor’s nor master’s degree is a prerequisite to participate in them.

Candidates for ministry in the GM Church in the U.S. can complete their educational requirements through a joint Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity program, a program for a Master of Arts or equivalent degree in the practice of ministry, or a Master of Divinity degree program. However, the GM Church recognizes alternative pathways for completion of educational requirements outside of a graduate degree program. United’s CTM and ACTM programs are such alternative pathways.

Typically, the CTM can be completed in three years and the ACTM can be completed in an additional two years. Additionally, students in the CTM or the ACTM programs can receive college credit offered by Dakota Wesleyan University and be awarded an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in either Nonprofit Administration or Organizational Leadership.

United Theological Seminary certificate programs join the program offered by Wesley Biblical Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi) as alternative pathways. Additional alternative pathways are being developed by other educational institutions and will be added to those currently approved once they are reviewed by the GM Church’s Transitional Leadership Council.


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