The Association of Korean United Methodist Churches recently voted to join efforts with The WCA


The Association of Korean United Methodist Churches, the largest body

of Korean United Methodists, recently voted to join efforts with The

Wesleyan Covenant Association.

The United Methodist News Service issued a commentary from Rev.

Sung-Ho Lee (Concord UMC, California-Nevada Annual Conference) on

October 7, 2019 arguing against this move from the standpoint of a

Korean pastor serving in a cross-cultural appointment.

This commentary prompted a response from Rev. Chul-gu Lee,

President of the Korean Association of the UMC who wrote on behalf of

the association. Rev. Chul-gu Lee is a clergy serving in the Florida

Annual Conference.

Both posts were offered by UMNS in the Korean Language only. I asked

a clergy friend to translate these. As with any translation, there is a

degree of subjectivity involved. But I believe the translation to be

faithful to the original posts.

Thank You,

Chris Ritter

The Original Post that Prompted the Reply

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