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The Next Methodism Fund

March 5, 2021

The Wesleyan Covenant Association is pleased to announce the creation of the “Next Methodism Fund” to support the Global Methodist Church while it is in formation. Funds raised will be dedicated to ministries focused on revitalizing existing local churches and planting new ones, global missional partnerships, transformational discipleship, outreach to youth and young adults, and the many other initiatives and programs the new church will require.

News about the formation of the new church was shared widely earlier this week, and it is believed many theologically conservative United Methodist local churches in Africa, Eurasia, the Philippines, and the United States will move to the denomination once a UM Church General Conference adopts the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation.

“Our members and friends around the world are very excited about the Global Methodist Church,” said the Rev. Carolyn Moore, Chairwoman of the WCA’s Global Council. “However, we all understand that since the church has not officially launched it needs our support while it’s in formation and transition. The WCA Council is very happy to announce that because of the generosity and vision of WCA members and friends, we are seeding the Next Methodism Fund with $300,000 out of our operating income.”

While a website provides detailed information about the Global Methodist Church, since it is has not officially launched it has neither staff members nor financial resources to support what it has done and plans to do before it comes into existence. For the past year a 17 member Transitional Leadership Council, drawing on the support of hundreds of clergy and laity who have served on various task forces, has formed the new church.

“The amount of time, talent, and energy that has been freely given by members of the Transitional Leadership Council and all the people who worked on the task force groups that have informed their work is amazing,” said the Rev. Chuck Savage, the WCA’s Treasurer and an elder in the North Georgia Annual Conference. “But we’re rapidly reaching the point where we will all need to commit our wealth, our efforts and our lives into making a reality the vision all traditionalists share for the Global Methodist Church. Given all the time that has been lost in the past few years, we do not want to start slow; we want move deliberately and expeditiously so the new church is healthy and strong right from the beginning.”

The Transitional Leadership Council members are pleased with what has been accomplished to date, but they note much more needs to be done before the new church’s official launch and then its convening General Conference. Once the Protocol is adopted, local churches, annual conferences, and even central conferences will be allowed to join the Global Methodist Church. Consequently, council members want to have a basic governing infrastructure and at least a skeletal staff in place when the new church launches. Members have also said they want to move forward as quickly as possible laying the ground work for ministry and mission priorities they know theological conservatives are passionate about.

Last week the UM Church’s Commission on the General Conference announced a further postponement of the 2020 General Conference due the Covid-19 pandemic. The conference is now scheduled for August 29 – September 6, 2022. The Global Methodist Church’s Transitional Leadership Council will continue to meet on almost a weekly basis continuing to stand-up the new church. In the near future it believes it will need to hire core leaders and staff members to assist in planning for the new church and to help facilitate the transition local churches will be making by the fall of next year. Council members believe hundreds of local churches will join fairly quickly, and then they will be followed by thousands of others as annual conferences and central conferences make their decisions.

“We are excited, but we also know we have to be well prepared for that critical transitional period between the passage of the Protocol and the Global Methodist Church’s convening General Conference,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, Chairman of the Transitional Leadership Council and President of the WCA. “We don’t want to waste any time between now and then, and we know we’ll need significant financial resources so we’re prepared to move forward with a great mission and vision for the future!”

The WCA encourages its members and friends to make gifts to the Next Methodism Fund that go above and beyond their membership dues to the association. Online gifts can be made by clicking HERE. Please be sure to select the “Next Methodism Fund” below the “Gift Designation” field. Gifts can also be made through the WCA App or by calling (541) 891-4007. Finally, checks can be made out to “Wesleyan Covenant Association” with the “Next Methodism Fund” noted in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to: Wesleyan Covenant Association, P.O. Box 667, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. Questions regarding the “Next Methodism Fund” can be sent to


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