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Two Days of Business and a Day of Challenge

“After months of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing, we’re very excited to have our Wesleyan Covenant Association members and friends join together in-person for important meetings and a day of challenge,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, President of the WCA.

Beginning this Thursday, the WCA will meet in Montgomery, Alabama, for three days where it will be hosted by Frazer Church, a dynamic and historic congregation led by the Rev. Dr. Chris Montgomery.

Meeting in-person for the first time since November 2019, the WCA’s 36 member Global Council will meet on Thursday, April 29, to work through a full agenda of items. The council, led by its chairwoman, the Rev. Dr. Carolyn Moore, lead pastor at Mosaic Church in Evans, Georgia, will hear and discuss reports on the Global Methodist Church (in formation), the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation, and consider approving a number of new task force groups intended to propel a new church forward.

“It is an honor to serve with sisters and brothers who while serving in their local churches in the midst of the pandemic, have also faithfully met once a month or more to advance the WCA’s mission this past year. They have been working hard to keep theologically conservative United Methodists connected, informed, and focused on preparing for the launch of the Global Methodist Church,” said Moore. “It will be a great joy to be physically present with one another again, and to do our work face to face.”

On Friday, April 30, the WCA Global Legislative Assembly will draw 300 delegates from around the world for its third assembly. Most of the delegates will attend in person, but the WCA is also leveraging media technology to include delegates from Africa, Europe, Eurasia, the Philippines, and the U.S. The assembly will work through a full agenda debating and voting on important matters as it anticipates the adoption of the Protocol’s implementing legislation at The United Methodist Church’s 2022 General Conference.

“Given all the challenges of the past year, we wondered if we’d be able to pull off the Global Legislative Assembly,” said Boyette, “But we decided we were going to make it happen one or another. I’m just thrilled that over 250 of our 300 delegates will join us in Montgomery. And we’re very pleased we’ve found the technological means to fully include others from around the world so they can participate and cast their votes accordingly.”

Finally, on Saturday May 1, the WCA will hold its Fifth Global Gathering with the theme Go Global! A stellar line-up of well-known and global speakers will focus on Scripture passages where the Apostles audaciously, boldly, and fearlessly followed Jesus’ command to, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Boyette will address the Global Gathering with a brief report and a charge for the future. The Frazer Church Band, led by Jerrod Dorminey, Minister of Worship, will lead opening and closing worship services, and provide music throughout the day. The day will close with the celebration of Holy Communion, with the Rev. John Ed Mathison, Frazer Church’s Pastor Emeritus, and Mrs. Kelly Slover, Frazer Church’s Minister of Groups, joining to preside over the sacrament.


The WCA looks forward to welcoming all those who have pre-registered to join us at Frazer Church on Saturday, May 1. There are still some seats available, but people we need to act quickly in order to join us in Montgomery. Due to Covid-19 restrictions people will not be allowed to register at Frazer Church on Saturday, May 1. Everyone planning to attend at Frazer Church must be pre-registered.

There is also time for people to register at simulcast sites or to register to individually livestream the event. Both options close as of Wednesday, April 28, at 5 pm ET.

All attendees will be required to abide by the host and simulcast sites’ Covid-19 restrictions. This will include wearing of masks and social distancing.


Please know that any text in blue are links to the information source or greater detail. Also, we ask that you share, comment and like any and all posts to continue to help spread the word. We find that most UMC members know little to nothing about the current and future of the UMC. Please decide now to be heard before it is too late! Join the Wesleyan Covenant Association NOW! EOWCA values your comments and support. Thank you!

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