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Update on the Status of the East Ohio Wesleyan Covenant Association

by Dr. Chet Harris

First, we are intending to invite ministers to join in a Zoom meeting to discuss their perceptions of the WCA and the future of the denomination.

Second, your leadership team has met with groups of ministers in almost every District. It our desire to invite ministers from the remaining Districts to a Zoom meeting. We will keep the number not to exceed twelve ministers to allow for discussion.

Third, as you know we had to cancel our April Conference because of the pandemic. We will provide you with an online version of the Conference, ‘Come to the Well,’ in May. Dr. Bob Kaylor, Dr. Joy Moore, and Jerry Rinehart are the presenters. In addition to an inspiring and informative message each speaker will answer three questions following the interview. The message will broadcast over three weeks with one speaker featured each week. You will receive more information and announcement of launch date.

Fourth, we remain in need of financial support. We request you make this a matter of prayer and respond accordingly. Send all support to Cinda Starr, 67475 Fairground Road

Lore City, Ohio 43755. Checks may be made out to EOWCA.

Fifth, attached you will find a letter from Keith Boyette. This letter is an invitation to declare your connection with the WCA. Take a few minutes and review the letter. It is time to stand firm as a witness to the future of the faith.

Sixth, prayer remains our supreme resource. God’s counsel and supernatural empowerment is simply not possible without prayer. Your daily intercession is of paramount importance. If you would like to join our prayer warriors in East Ohio and the international prayer network contact Keith Bohley at or (740) 501-0024.

Finally, you are welcome to contact me with any questions or ideas. Email: and 330-936-8531.

Again, All for the Kingdom,

Dr. Chet Harris

An Invitation from Rev. Keith Boyette, President of the WCA

As a service to those who frequently contact us for information about churches in their area who are traditional in their scriptural, doctrinal, and ethical positions, the Wesleyan Covenant Association is going to begin listing such churches by annual conference on our website ( We will only do so with the permission of the senior pastor of such churches and who affirm the WCA’s statements on biblical authority, faith, and moral principles.

We invite you to provide the necessary information to have your church listed, and to share this email with others whom you believe would want to have their churches listed.

In order to be listed, the attached form must be completed, be signed by the senior pastor, and be returned to Teresa Marcus, Executive Assistant to the President, at To complete the form, click in the space adjacent to each field name and a text box will appear in which you can type the information for that field. Save the document when you are done with a unique name before returning it to us.

The list on our website will contain the church’s name, pastor’s name, physical address, website, email, and a link to or information about its online service if such information is provided.

The list will be updated continually. If you submit the attached form, please monitor the list periodically to ensure that your information is correct.


Please know that any text in blue are links to the information source or greater detail. Also, we ask that you share, comment and like any and all posts to continue to help spread the word. We find that most UMC members know little to nothing about the current and future of the UMC. Please decide now to be heard before it is too late! Join the Wesleyan Covenant Association NOW! EOWCA values your comments and support. Thank you!

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