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WCA Launches Podcast Program

The Revs. Bob Kaylor and Stephanie Greenwald are excited to host Holy Conversations: a Wesleyan Covenant Association Podcast, a new resource of the WCA.

“I think the conversations we have on Holy Conversations will stoke even more excitement about the future of a new Methodist movement,” said Kaylor, senior pastor at Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church in Monument, Colorado, and a member of the WCA’s Global Council. “We’ll be releasing episodes every two weeks all the way through General Conference 2021, on through to a convening conference for a new church, and hopefully well beyond that.”

Kaylor brought the idea of the Holy Conversations podcast to the Rev. Keith Boyette, the WCA’s President. He explained to Boyette that he envisioned a program of relaxed and informal conversations with a variety of guests. The programs would address critical issues and questions many United Methodists have about the future of their local churches and the church in general.

“Bob has a background in radio production as a copywriter and producer,” said Boyette. “When you listen to him on a program and hear the final product of shows he’s produced, it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing. Given all that’s happening in the UM Church and the work the WCA will be doing over the next year or two, it was an easy decision to have Bob run with this idea. I’m excited to see where he and Stephanie take Holy Conversations.”

Greenwald, who serves as an associate pastor at St. Andrew’s Community United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, already co-hosts one podcast with Rev. D.A. Bennett, St. Andrew’s senior pastor.

“Podcasts are a wonderful and inexpensive way to share the Gospel message with people next door and around the world,” said Greenwald. “I think the show has the potential to do two things simultaneously. First, it will allow people who, to some extent, have been following developments in the UM Church to hear many of their questions addressed. And second, it will allow people new to the conversation to hear about the excitement and energy in a new Methodist movement.”

Many WCA members and friends will remember Greenwald as the spirited and energetic host of Transformed, the WCA’s Fourth Global Gathering held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last year.

“I know Stephanie spends a great deal of time preparing for whatever she does,” said Boyette, “but she always comes across as very natural and relaxed. She puts interviewees and listeners at ease, but she’s always fully engaged in her conversations with them. We were thrilled when she agreed to serve as the podcast’s co-host.”

According to Kaylor and Greenwald, the Holy Conversations podcast will interview people who have been intimately involved in helping to organize and give shape to the UM traditionalist movement and its future. It will address matters like the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation and how it would impact local churches; developments in Africa, Eurasia, and the Philippines; the ongoing work of the WCA’s ministry task forces; and plans for a convening conference to launch a new Methodist movement.

“In our first few episodes we will lay the groundwork for where we’ve been, where things stand now, and what’s distinctive about the traditionalist movement,” said Kaylor. “And from there,” added Greenwald, “we’ll be addressing a whole host of interesting topics that will help people stay informed and inspired as we lean into the future God has for us.”

Listeners can access and subscribe to the Holy Conversations podcast via Apple, Podbean, and Spotify. Three episodes are already available, and programs will be added on a bi-weekly basis. The WCA’s website, e-newsletter, and app will feature upcoming episodes and provide quick links to them. To listen to one of the first three episodes just click one of the links below.


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