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See for more info. Kaggle is an online platform with free resources. Authors' information (optional): Kaggle is an online platform for data scientists to share and run machine learning code in the cloud using free data sets. See for more info. Kaggle Notebooks are data science tutorials that allow you to explore, share and run machine learning code in the cloud using free data sets. See for more info. Lines 714-719: Our models also outperformed other models, such as Google's Cloud Vision API (Line 715), as well as models built using other data sets, such as the [Breast Cancer Recognition Challenge]( (Line 717) by Google and the [ImageNet dataset]( (Line 718). Note that the number of training steps required to achieve high accuracy was higher than for the models built with Google's Cloud Vision API. We attribute this to the additional training time required by the models which have more layers. **General observations** Lines 431-436: *Creating* models with R Studio on a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) *instance* is a breeze. Simply download and install the *Google Cloud R Client* and create your Cloud Machine Learning Engine (ML Engine) project. You can also work in a cloud *notebook* or a *terminal* to test your code. The only things required to set up the GCP instance are an *API key* and the *subscription ID*. Lines 784-785: *Interpreting* the model accuracy helps in debugging problems in the model. **Suggestions for further improvements** Lines 786-788: We would like to incorporate the full set of features found in the original dataset, not only the top 1,000 features, as shown in [Figure 5](#f5-bii



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Codigoproductosims4origincrack [Latest]

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